On 23 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> Then, most probably, you have a very very old or broken version of vim
> (or maybe you use another editor, or vim in vi-emulation mode).

 Actually it's the latest stable version of vim.

> The whole point of these options is to make indentation automatic and
> more-or-less gnu-style.

 I was told that the style I used before is not acceptable as GNU style
 so I guess it's the less in "more-or-less".

> In any case, giving "my editor does indent differently" is a very poor
> reply to a request to follow a specific coding style.

 Well, Marc, if you followed this list then you'd know that I already
 posted an well indented and improved version of my patch. It was just
 a kind of a BTW note that I can't bring my editor to automatically 
 create this indention style.

> You can write 
> gnu-style using any non-broken editor! So if your editor does indent 
> differently, use the keys of your keyboard to correct your editor, or
> read the docs on how to persuade your editor to do it for you.

 This seems impossible, but fortunately indent is working quite nice for
 me so this is now just an annoyance no "problem" anymore.



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