>  It was meant such, but from your description it seemed to me that 
>  you'd like to add those entries to ALL plugins. From your answer
>  I can see that this was just a misunderstanding. Sorry, Sven.
>  But this make it even harder to modify the parser like you'd like
>  since it's only usable for a fixed number of arguments. It would work
>  to insert those parameters before the pdb-args but that would 
>  a) be incompatible and b) mean that every plugin must have such an entry.

Huh? Daniel, stop spreading FUD and read the code. The parser in gimprc
is actually pretty flexible.
>  Of course I try to wipe them away if they seem not reasonable or
>  correct to me, that's how argumentation works. HOWEVER this
>  doesn't mean that I don't care about your thoughts, they are
>  really helpful and result in new ideas in my head.

Well, I have no problem to discuss the arguments, I just had the impression 
that you simply ignored them...
>  Just to clarify what I do think of:
>  I'd like to have this done as simple as possible that means:
>   - No PDB calls

A PDB call is actually no harm. IMO libgimp should not fiddle with
configuration files at all. Since the localisation of the menuentries
is a problem in the core and not one of each and every plugin, putting
the functionality into libgimp is actually bad style. 

>   - No wire protocol changes

There is no need for one, I was wrong here.

>  There should be a simple libgimp call which allows plugins to
>  register themselves in a new domain. If the domain is already
>  available, check whether the path matches (not done in my patch
>  yet!), if not simply add it.
>  The GIMP on the other side should simply be able to get all the
>  registered domains and to do the right things when gimpgettext()
>  is called.

I am proposing exactly the same solution, with a little difference: 
Instead of doing the work in libgimp which is not suited to work 
with configuration files, make the libgimp call be a PDB wrapper 
and let the application handle the dirty work. 

The advantage I see is that we will not need another configuration
file and we have the information about a plugins gettext-domain
in the plugin structure where it belongs and where it is automatically 
kept in sync with the list of installed plug-ins. 

Salut, Sven

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