I just installed gimp-1.1.17 and noticed a minor install bug:

-- Installing ./html/index.sgml
/usr/bin/install: ./html/index.sgml: No such file or directory
-- Fixing Crossreferences
/bin/sh: gtkdoc-fixxref: command not found

I'm not sure what the first problem is, but I didn't think I should get any
gtkdoc problems.  The default is "AUTO" for --enable-gtk-doc, so either
configure finds it or it doesn't, right?

And as to the new layout for the toolbox - ick.  All I can say is you just
made a bunch of image captures and text descriptions for books obsolete.  
Wonder what the Grokking Gimp book shows - I think its the first 1.2'ish 
book.  I'm glad I waited on mine.

My 2 cents - leave the original layout (3 columns, active buttons
below) in place, and let users change it later (using whatever mechanism is 
decided upon).
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