Sorry, busy ending exams, now processing postponed things:

>  A3) Add a new parameter to the dialog box so that the color has to
>      be specified explicitely.
>Almost everybody supports A3) so I will implement that.

Everybody + 1.

>  B3) Add a "flatten image?" option to all scripts, defaults to FALSE.
>  B4) Never flatten, but rely on the Export mechanism (it works well).
>For this, I got mixed opinions.  Several people support B3, but I
>also received two suggestions to use B4.  More opinions are needed...

If it works really well, use the Export mechanism. More buttons if you can
do at save time (after changing things), no thanks.

>  C2) Use "The Gimp" as the default text in all scripts
>  C2b)Use "The Gimp" and adjust the font size so that all scripts
>      generate an image of comparable size when run with the default
>      parameters.
>  C3) Use the script name.
>Here, this is a 50%-50% match between C1 and C2 (or C2b).  More
>opinions are needed...

C2 with same font size, so you get the idea about how big a font is (damn
font sizes... there could be a standard, no?).

>My personal opinion (in order to bias the votes towards C2b :-)) is
>that the first thing that most users will do when they want to produce
>a logo is to change the text (of course!) and some of the other
>parameters.  But before creating a real logo with these scripts, it is
>useful to run all of them quickly with the default parameters in order
>to get an idea of what these scripts are doing.  Running them quickly
>means not having to change the defaults.  It is much easier to compare
>the results if the images have similar sizes and contain more or less
>the same text.  Currently, this is not easy because you have the
>"Textured" logo using the default string "The GIMP" at 200 pixels
>while the "Bovinated" logo uses the longer string "Fear the Cow" at 80
>pixels and the "Comic" logo uses the short string "Moo" at 85 pixels.

I see you point, another C2b, "The Gimp" with same pixel size.

>  D2) Add the "padding" parameter to the scripts that create a
>      textured background.
>Most people seem to support D2, so I will implement that.

Most people + 1.


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