Hi,  let me introduce myself.  My staff artist and I are in the early stages 
of a book on web design with free software,  including the GIMP.  Anyway,  we 
started working with GIMP 1.1 because the book is going to have to be about 
GIMP 1.2.

        Olivia was angry that the "opacity" slider was missing from the Bucket Fill 
dialog box -- she likes it because,  coming from a watercolor background,  she 
likes to create a canvas of colors on a canvas and use bucket fill to adjust 
spots of color until they look just like what she wants.

        Anyway,  I looked at the GIMP 1.1 and GIMP 1.0 source and it looks,  
superficially,  that the code for doing bucket fills with variable opacity 
still exists (at least there is still an opacity option for bucket fills in 
the procedural database.)  Anyhow,  I think I can make Olivia happy by just 
adding a slider to the bucket fill dialog.

        So,  am I right about this,  or am I missing something?  If I send in a patch 
to add the slider to the dialog box,  will you merge it into the tree?  Please 
direct a copy of your reply to me because I'm not a regular subscriber to the 
gimp-developer list.

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