>         Hi,  let me introduce myself.  My staff artist and I are in the early stages
> of a book on web design with free software,  including the GIMP.  Anyway,  we
> started working with GIMP 1.1 because the book is going to have to be about
> GIMP 1.2.
>         Olivia was angry that the "opacity" slider was missing from the Bucket Fill
> dialog box -- she likes it because,  coming from a watercolor background,  she
> likes to create a canvas of colors on a canvas and use bucket fill to adjust
> spots of color until they look just like what she wants.
>         Anyway,  I looked at the GIMP 1.1 and GIMP 1.0 source and it looks,
> superficially,  that the code for doing bucket fills with variable opacity
> still exists (at least there is still an opacity option for bucket fills in
> the procedural database.)  Anyhow,  I think I can make Olivia happy by just
> adding a slider to the bucket fill dialog.
>         So,  am I right about this,  or am I missing something?  If I send in a patch
> to add the slider to the dialog box,  will you merge it into the tree?  Please
> direct a copy of your reply to me because I'm not a regular subscriber to the
> gimp-developer list.

Hi Paul,

just deactivate the "Use Global Paint Options" button in the preferences
dialog's "Interface->Tool Options" page. Otherwise the opacity as set in the
brushes dialog will be used.


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