* How to change RGBA image to an RGB image ?, because it's not
intuitive enough. New option in "Remove Alpha" menu would be 
more helpful than explaining this and that.


* perl plugins 

* in toolbox sometimes windows get really odd
(color, palette, brushes, gradient), they look
a bit scrambled and they are out of control. 

* Still no transparent text (it can't be that hard)
Although it's tricky to get transparent text, but it is possible
and one must invent it

* Some tips seem a bit out of date (don't ask which ones)
It could use new (i.e. red square in the image screen)

* Lack of image info (in particular on:
Amount of colours used in an image (GIF stuff)
Histogram for indexed mode image [you get weird message when trying to
get histogram for indexed mode image])

* Logulator still too big in 640x480
It's probably the GTK problem not Gimp UI 
This problems also occurs when you try to change the driver in 
print menu/settings/driver list. Try to choose the last driver on the
list... It's also in open/save dialog boxes. Splitting the menu is not
the answer (well... sometimes it is) To be fixed rather in 1.3 please
append todo with it

* Freezing Maniacs 8-)
No comments on that, please.

Suggestions: (1.2)
* Clear TODO file 
* Add a section what is to be done in version 1.3 (huge list already)

Why I like Gimp (because creative criticism is not all I can do):

* Lots of good work on menu is already done (keep up the good work) *
Small Red Square in the image screen * it's still free of charge *
nice jpeg save dialog box with preview (you can see the actual
quality) * lots of advantages that I already got used to so much that
I can't use any other program (actually I can, but I prefer GIMP)

To polish Gimp users: Please help me with translation of plugins menu
My page: http://www.geocities.com/art_pl/ -> gimp

My  i18n & plugin patch 
on my web page
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