> * How to change RGBA image to an RGB image ?, because it's not
> intuitive enough. New option in "Remove Alpha" menu would be 
> more helpful than explaining this and that.

Removing Alha from a multilayered image is not possible since
gimp insists on having alpha on each layer but the background.
So, Flatten is actually the correct term here, IMHO.

> * in toolbox sometimes windows get really odd
> (color, palette, brushes, gradient), they look
> a bit scrambled and they are out of control. 

This more or less works now...

> * Still no transparent text (it can't be that hard)
> Although it's tricky to get transparent text, but it is possible
> and one must invent it

?? Sorry, I don't you here.

> * Lack of image info (in particular on:
> Amount of colours used in an image (GIF stuff)

Fixed that a while ago.

> Histogram for indexed mode image [you get weird message when trying to
> get histogram for indexed mode image])

Hmm, what's weird about: "Histogram does not work on indexed drawables"?
We might want to additionally set the menu sensitivity dependant on the 
image mode.

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