I'll be away from now until March, 13. Chances are low that I will be able
to answer mail during that time.

If you visit the CeBIT, be sure to meet me at the Linux international
booth, and stay away from non-free software! If you don't come to the
CeBIT, consider visiting the 2nd German Perl-Workshop instead ;)

"But I do have this important question!"

If you haven't heard back from me yet, you probably won't unless it's
_really_ important.

- for gcc-related questions, use the gcc mailinglist(s) (see

- for pgcc-related questions, use the pgcc mailinglist (see

- for gimp- & gimp-perl-related questions, use the gimp-developers
  mailinglist (http://www.gimp.org/) or ask the gimp-perl mailinglist (see

- for other perl-related questions, use the comp.lang.perl.modules or
  comp.lang.perl.moderated newgroups.


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