> some paths like:
> <Image>/Video
> <Image>/Script-Fu/*
> are not translated with "The i18n solution"(TM).
> Shell we move dummy_entries[] items from app/menus.c
> to each appropriate plug-ins?

Eek, yes of course, that does not work any more. There are
two ways to solve this: Either we search in the gimp domain
if the lookup of the menupath failed (like we used to do (*)) 
or we move the dummies into the plugins. I prefer the latter, 
since it is the cleaner solution.

There are a few entries in menus.c that should already be 
included in the perl domain, since Marc moved his stuff out 
into the Perl-Scripts. 

Obviously each plug-in that wants to add an extra menu
that is not build by the Gimp core has to provide its own
dummy-entry for it. We could of course build all the menus 
we need for the default plugins, but that would result in 
empty menus if stuff is uninstalled.

Salut, Sven

(*) The new solution has the advantage that we could look up
    the translation in the plugins domain first where we will
    most likely find a translation and only fall back to the
    core if not. Before we always used the gimp domain first.

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