Davor Cengija <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>     print-util.c:1046: internal error--insn does not satisfy its constraints:
>     (insn:HI 4670 5222 5219 (set (reg:DI 4 %esi)
>             (if_then_else:DI (le:DI (reg:DI 0 %eax)
>                           (reg:DI 4 %esi))
>       When plug-ins/print is removed from the Makefile, build goes
>       well even with the -march=pentiumpro flag.
>       Any other informations I should provide in order to catch the
>       bug easily?

pgcc 1.1.3 has some problems with alignment please try to use
gcc2.95.2, get them from the 7.0, they should work


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