I just uploaded a new patch to ftp.gimp.org (the file name is
gimp-quinet-000308-0.patch.gz).  This patch fixes the problems with
Edit/Fill by allowing the user to choose the fill mode.  The "Fill
with background color" is prefered by some users who have been using
the Gimp for a long time, but this is considered as a bug (or a
non-intuitive feature) by those who are familiar with most other paint
programs and who prefer "Fill with foreground color".

This patch adds a new parameter to gimp_edit_fill(), which specifies
the fill mode (FOREGROUND_FILL, BACKGROUND_FILL, ...).  It also
replaces the menu entry "<Image>/Edit/Fill" with two entries
"<Image>/Edit/Fill with foreground" (bound to Ctrl-,) and
"<Image>/Edit/Fill with background" (bound to Ctrl-. as before).

WARNING: this patch applies to the core only and does not modify any
of the Script-Fu or Perl-Fu scripts.  This means that all scripts
using gimp_edit_fill() will be broken because of the extra parameter.
A trivial fix is to add the parameter BACKGROUND_FILL to all calls to
gimp_edit_fill(), or BG-IMAGE-FILL in Script-Fu.  Tomorrow, I will
upload a separate patch adressing this issue (and some other fixes) in
Script-Fu.  In the meantime, this patch can be used by anybody who
wants to update the Perl scripts or to update the translation of the

The patch is against 1.1.18.  I wrote the first version for 1.1.17,
but I upgraded to 1.1.18 yesterday and re-built the patch to make sure
that it applies cleanly.  I did not have the time to finish cleaning
up all the Script-Fu scripts, so I decided to split the patch in two
parts and to upload the first part today so that others (Marc?) can
start working on the Perl scripts.


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