Adam D. Moss writes:
 > >  * app/cursorutil.c (gtkutil_compress_motion)
 > >  * app/edit_selection.c (process_event_queue_keys): Guard against
 > >  gdk_event_get returning NULL (which can happen at least on Win32).
 > I'd kinda like to see this reverted and fixed at the WIN32 GDK level
 > -- if gdk_event_get() fails straight after a gdk_events_pending()
 > succeeds in a single-threaded app then it's not just GIMP that's
 > going to have a problem...

 > ...unless this is documented cross-platform behaviour, of
 > course!  Tell me if I missed something.

IMHO this could well happen on X11, too. After all, gdk_events_pending()
just checks for (gdk_event_queue_find_first() || XPending(gdk_display)). If
the event queue is empty, but XPendig() returns TRUE, that still doesn't
mean that any of the X events that are waiting will necessarily generate
any GDK event, does it? If gdk_event_translate returns FALSE, no GDK event
will be put on the queue.

Presumably this doesn't happen very often on X11, where windows can select
what X events they are interested in, and those event classes happen to
correspond pretty closely to GDK's ;-). But, on Win32 there isn't any way
to select what classes of messages to receive, and there are lots of
messages that Windows sends that GDK isn't interested in at all.


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