I just uploaded the second part of my gimp_edit_fill patches to
ftp.gimp.org.  As soon as it is moved out of the incoming directory,
you should be able to get it as gimp-quinet-000310-0.patch.  This
second part fixes the Script-Fu scripts so that they are compatible
with the new interface to gimp-edit-fill.  The full list of changes is
described in gimp-quinet-000310-0.patch.README.

Besides the simple updates to the scripts, I also fixed a couple of
minor bugs, such as scripts that were not saving/restoring the active
colors, or logo scripts that were using the active colors without
allowing the user to specify them as parameters to the scripts.  The
only exception is the text-circle script that I left unchanged (using
only the active colors).  I also changed the interface to the
coolmetal-logo script: instead of only having a "seascape" toggle that
allows to choose the gradients "Horizon_1" or "Horizon_2", I added a
gradient selector because there are more than two gradients that give
good results with that script.  For the carved-logo script, I added a
padding parameter because it can be useful to have more space around
the text if you want the background texture to tile correctly.  I
included a script of mine in the patch, called alien-neon-logo.  Feel
free to remove it if you do not like it (by the way, how can I make
sure that it is sorted correctly in the menus?)

I did not test or modify the scripts that were not affected by the
gimp-edit-fill changes.  Maybe I will do that later.

I did not modify the Perl-Fu scripts either, because I am unable to
test them on the computer that has my development environment.  But it
should be reasonably easy to update them semi-automatically.


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