On ftp.gimp.org a whole bunch of patches appeared over the last years and
lived together in an overly crowded place called /pub/gimp/patches. I have 
just finished the first round of a cleanup. I have applied a few patches
(newer ones) and moved a bunch of patches into a directory called "obsolete".
These are patches from which I know that they either have been applied (but 
weren't moved into the applied dir) or that similar changes found their way
into CVS thus making the patch obsolete. A few patches went into "outdated"
since they address gimp-1.0 issues that are not going to be touched anymore.
Still a whole bunch of patches are left and I'm sure that most of them belong
into the obsolete or outdated category. A few might even be considered nice
new features, which would make them candidates for the "delayed" directory. 

So, please help to finish cleaning up this mess. If you have ever uploaded 
a patch, please check if it is still relevant. If you think it should still
be applied, say it loud and clear on this list. If you think the patch can 
be silently moved away, drop me a mail and I'll take care of it. 

Salut, Sven

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