On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, FUJITA Yuji <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 1. Does anyone know what "fu" is ?
>       I mean "script-fu", "perl-fu" or some kind of these names.

I think that it was a pun on "kung-fu".  Not sure, though.

> 2. What is the biggest barriar to support 16bit depth in the GIMP ?
>       I'm just reading xcf.c or tile.c and their related stuff and
>       am in distress.

Many parts of the code assume that an image channel has exactly 8 bits.
For example, all paint operations (brushes, bucket fill, transforms...)
work on 8 bits.  Changing that is already a huge amount of work.  But
this also applies to all plug-ins: they will have to be re-written in
order to take several bit depths into account.

Maybe you should have a look at Gimp16 project ("Hollywood").  I do not
know the current status of the project (it looks like nothing happened
recently) but the Gimp16 homepage is at:


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