Dear developers.

I have two topics.

1. I was testing the data size limit in gimp-1.1.18.
When I made 4100x4100 size layer and duplicated it for 64 times,
I got the following error and GIMP had quited uncontrollably.

        ** WARNING **: cache: unable to find room for a tile
        ** WARNING **: cache: unable to find room for a tile
        GLib-ERROR **: could not allocate 16384 bytes
        /usr/local/gimp11/bin/gimp terminated: sigabrt caught

This is because the file size of Linux-2.x is limited to 2G bytes.
So that I cannot have a larger tile space than
2G (swap file size ) + 128MBytes (core memory) in my home PC.

I wish I could get some notice window before quiting.
It is much better that even in this case GIMP keeps alive and let me
save other images (if any).
Actually, I've got a notice window but I could not read it before the
GIMP disappears.

2. In script-fu (I'm wearing a white belt)

(gimp-layer-delete some-Layer)

evaluating these lines crashes the GIMP (1.1.18) immediately.

with regards.


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