> I have just send a better bug report to the bugtracker, hoping that it
> will help you to fix the bugs in the scripts.  However, I see that the
> form on Xach's site wraps the text in a very ugly way, so my nicely
> formatted bug report is now very difficult to read (#7732).  I will
> send a copy of the bug report to you by private e-mail.

I just changed it so it doesn't wrap at all.
> Well, I still think that I understood the situation quite well.  ;-)
> The difference between you and me is mostly a matter of opinion.  I
> consider that running the Perl-Fu scripts with the default values when
> there is no Gtk is a bad thing (because of the warning box, because it
> is difficult to guess what the script will do without seeing its
> parameters, because there is no help, because some scripts disable the
> undo on the image and because of the crashes that will hopefully be
> fixed).  So that's why I consider that installing these scripts when
> Gtk is not present is a bug, or at least a disservice to the user.  I
> understand that you disagree and you would prefer to install them
> anyway.  Well, we can at least agree to disagree...

I stuck a simple poll up regarding this a few days ago for the #gimp
channel. Participation was rather light. Maybe with some exposure from the
list, a more meaningful result could be determined:


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