Ben Fowler wrote:

> <snipped...>
> I am using CVS as a form of software delivery rather than
> a joint software development.

That's OK. That's part of its job.

> On my machine, I have gimp-1.1.15. If I choose to update it,
> I need a patch 1.1.15 -> <current level>.

Hmmm. you need to patch to the current level, but CVS
does that transparently for you. For the most part, CVS
saves you from messing around with patches.

> So far as I can tell, only patches for
>       <previous level> -> <current level>
> are archived.

Nope. CVS archives Everything Since The Beginning Of Time.
For Gimp 1.1.x, that was the fork from 1.0.0, June 2nd, 1998.
If you want historical versions of Gimps, you have to ask CVS nicely,
and I'm not going into detail here. If you're on Linux or Unix, and
you have a fairly standard CVS installation, you should be able to to:

$ info cvs

or in emacs

<Meta>-x info

and look up CVS in the menu. If you have such, you're in possession
of the Cederqvist, the CVS bible. Read up on it.

If you just want to update your Gimp from *any 1.1.x version whatsoever*
to 1.1.18, and you *know* your sources are a working directory produced
by CVS, then, when you're logged into the anoncvs server, just go to your
gimp directory and

$ cvs -z3 update

Then rebuild.

If your gimp directory was produced by an untarred semi-stable release package
obtained from a gimp site, then it is *not* a CVS working directory and the
above command will not work. You need to *checkout* a CVS working
directory. tar up your old gimp directory (for backup), then remove it,  or change 
to where you want to plant a new gimp directory tree, then, when you're
logged into CVS:

$cvs -z3 checkout gimp

And that checks out a brand new working directory of the current version: 1.1.18+

You'll want to run - see gimp/HACKING

If you're not sure about the origins of your directory, look for gimp/CVS.
If it's there, you've got a working directory. If it's not, it was made from
untarring a distribution.

Hope this helps.
Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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