On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 01:18:27PM -0500, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> > > Why colour brushes can be animated and grayscale can not ?
> > > (Telling me to stop using the colours is not the answer:).
> > 
> > This is definitely a design mistake in the animated brushes. We will
> > however not change this before 1.2.
> Just curious...It won't change due to the feature freeze or because it
> would take too much work to change this close to a release or both?

Both. Since it is problem with the overall design of the animated
brushes (they are a special case of PixmapBrushes instead of a 
special case of a GimpBrush), it would mean to rewrite lots of
working code. This would mean lots of work and of course it would
very likely introduce new bugs. 

Actually if the changes to the tool_switching code Mitch introduced 
just recently turn out to actually work, most of the showstoppers
are gone and it looks like a release is pretty close. We only have
to figure out how to deal with the problem of iconified dialogs
that don't want to go away... 

Salut, Sven

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