On Monday, 27 Mar 2000, Simon Budig wrote:

> Well - unfortunately this disables "user multitasking" with working
> on multiple images. Admittedly I dont do this too often, but sometimes
> it is nice to paint something while waiting for a big image to
> rotate. (just tested - multiple plugins do work! :-)
> Is there any chance to do this on an "per image" base without
> hazzeling too much?

I proposed to add per-image locking a while ago, but apparently this
wasn't too well liked.  I'm can't remember why.

There are 2 tricky parts (as far as I can see):

  A) plug-in.c needs to take out an image lock when starting a plugin
     operation, and release it on normal (or equally importantly)
     abnormal plugin termination.

  B) what happens when acquiring a lock fail?  Do you queue the
     operation up on the lock (hard) or do you fail it (easy)?


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