Simon Budig wrote:
> I see, that Gimp can be crashed very easily when trying to use multiple
> tools at the same image/layer. Michael adressed this: from the changelog:
> [...] 
> Well - unfortunately this disables "user multitasking" with working
> on multiple images. Admittedly I dont do this too often, but sometimes
> it is nice to paint something while waiting for a big image to
> rotate. (just tested - multiple plugins do work! :-)
> Is there any chance to do this on an "per image" base without
> hazzeling too much? Or - if this is too hard to implement - do you think
> that this limitation is better than crashes which could be avoided
> if the user knows that parallel operations on an image will fail
> and result in data loss?
> I do not know, what is the better way, but I think global locking is a big
> limitation...

Hi Simon,

Indeed, it's a very ugly workaround.

Implementing real locking as proposed by Austin is however too late
for 1.2 and I fear that it is the only way to get the lock per image.

I tried to block display events only for the image the current tool is
working on, but then I noticed that of course any display event may
trigger a tool operation which is a bad idea while the tool is active.

Once tools are GtkObjects it should be easy to ref the tool while it's
active and simply allocate a new one for a simultaneous operation on
another image. When the old tool finishes it's operation it will be
unref'ed and disappear automatically if it's no longer ref'ed as active

But of course, that's fiction :)


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