Alex Harford wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
> > Is it possible to set up gimp such that typing 'gimp foo.xcf' on the
> > commandline will just open foo.xcf in a currently running Gimp
> > session?  I've seen no documentation on this anyhere.
> >
> > I know this is a feature, but I would find it tremendously useful to add
> > before 1.2... (or maybe in 1.2.1 or something)
> It's been able to do this since at least 1.0 IIRC.  Is it not working for
> you?

I'm afraind this is working for nobody since the feature simply doesn't
exist. However I 100% agree that Gimp needs it. I'd even vote for adding
it before 1.2 if anyone hacks it.

The netscape method of communicating over the X protocol seems a bit
overkill to me.

I was thinking of a Gimp extension "gimp-server" or something which would
open a Unix pipe


with the permissions of the current user (or configurable) and
a "gimp-remote" standalone program.

The pipe protocol could be as trivial as sending a plaintext string like

gimp_file_open "~/foo.xcf"\n

over the pipe.

Now please say "cool idea" or bring a better one :-) I have no clue
if this is really the clever way to do it.


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