>IMHO using X makes much more sense than abusing the filesystem.
>Both ways of doing it (that were discussed so far) won't work on non-UNIX 
>platforms anyway, so I guess we can safely rely on X for this feature.

The problem with using X is that the xterm where "gimp <filename>" is invoked
is not necessarily running on the same machine as the existing gimp.
The file name may or may not valid on the original machine.

The best solution is probably to pass device:inode as well as file name;
while there is still a possibility that a different host has a local file
with the same <name,dev,ino> tuple, the chance is pretty slim and
the user has probably done anything bad in a former life that he deserves it.

(Perhaps we should skip the device, by the way --- it isn't necessarily
the same on different machines.)

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