Raphael Quinet ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> So my question is: could someone explain what these parameters mean
> and how to save a .gih brush in the correct format?  Specifically, I
> have a set of layers that were originally grabbed from a .GIF
> animation and I would like to save them as a pixmap brush, so that I
> can follow a path with that brush and get some nice effects.  I tried
> various tricks with the guides, with the number of cells in the .gih
> save dialog and so on, but I did not manage to get the effect that I
> wanted.  I only managed to crash the Gimp...  :-(

The GIH was broken, when I tried it some time ago. I dont know if
somebody fixed it there. I always had to "vim -b foo.gih" and
fix the strings with the options. It did help to RTFS to do this.

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