* Is the end-user installation stuff broken, or is it just me? On my
system, cleaning out all old Gimp installs, installing latest CVS and
then trying to install Gimp as a new user (ie to create .gimp-1.1 and
all the rest) does not work. This seems to result from the changes to
the system data directory... the error is approximately...

/usr/local/share/gimp/user_install [or something] does not exist.

The feature freeze has also thawed again. I can't tell if the new
trouble I'm seeing is caused by changes to the installer in /app/
but I shouldn't have to, because IT SHOULD NOT BE BEING REPLACED

I apologise for shouting, but AFAICT again all the existing bugs
or misfeatures of the old dialog are retained, but now we have
new bugs and a prettier interface, pardon me if I'm not impressed,
but right now I can't even install Gimp :(

Nick. -- Will revert features for food, Too busy to be angry

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