On Sat, Apr 01, 2000 at 05:29:49AM +0100, Nick Lamb wrote:
> * Is the end-user installation stuff broken, or is it just me? On my
> system, cleaning out all old Gimp installs, installing latest CVS and
> then trying to install Gimp as a new user (ie to create .gimp-1.1 and
> all the rest) does not work. This seems to result from the changes to
> the system data directory... the error is approximately...
> /usr/local/share/gimp/user_install [or something] does not exist.

It is just you! Doing a clean installation does not only involve
removing the installed stuff. You should clean your source directory
too and rerun autogen.sh. The problem you see is caused by the fact 
that you did not correctly rebuild llibgimp/gimpenv.o.

> The feature freeze has also thawed again. I can't tell if the new
> trouble I'm seeing is caused by changes to the installer in /app/
> but I shouldn't have to, because IT SHOULD NOT BE BEING REPLACED
> </FLAME>

I will try to ignore the stupidity and ignorance you are expressing...

> I apologise for shouting, but AFAICT again all the existing bugs
> or misfeatures of the old dialog are retained, but now we have
> new bugs and a prettier interface, pardon me if I'm not impressed,
> but right now I can't even install Gimp :(

At least bug #7307 was fixed by our changes.

The problem that people do not adjust important parameters like the
tile_cache_size was discussed several times and each time the only
reasonable solution was to ask for it during the user installation.
I have announced at least twice that I'm planning to change it
and noone objected. 

Please, think about what you have said.  We have put a lot of work 
into this and tried to test everything. You should also not forget 
that Mitch and me are the ones who fix the bugs, not you!

Salut, Sven

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