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> On 30 Mar, Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> > I18n wishes:
> > ============
> > -- Please do anything with the fact, that main panel menu with default
> >    GTK theme can contain exactly 15 letters. Too few for three items
> > in    most languages.
>  What exactly would you suggest? That's actually a matter for the
>  translators, not for the developers, as we don't know all the
>  languages around the world. :)

Yes, it's for translators, but translators are stressed to translate all
"File Xtns Help" to 15 letters. More letters looks ugly or makes Help unusable.
(see "LANG=fr gimp")

There are more solutions:

-- Make little wider default window size (or tool icons).

-- Decrease horizontal space between menus or default to smaller font
   in main <Toolbox> menus (maybe in default gimprc).

-- Default to "old-style look" (brush, color & pattern on left).

Better solution are welcome...

Stanislav Brabec

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