Doing some development of automating image processing.  I need some advice.

I'm using gimp1.1.19/perl-Gimp1.1/glib1.2.7/gtk1.2.7 under RH 6.1.

Basically I'm trying to convert the background colour of an image - there
are loads of cool Gimp factory functions to do that, no problems.

But, all the perl-gimp functions that do this need to act on a drawable, not
an image, which is fair enough.  Problem is, I load the image, ie:

$img = gimp_file_load(&Gimp::RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $file, $file);

works fine, but

$drawable = gimp_image_active_drawable($img);

fails.  This aint a reported bug...any ideas?

Is there a better way to define a drawable for a loaded img?


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