I just saw that Austin Donnelly has filed a bug report (#8312)
about the fact that the tips file is outdated.

Two months ago (Fri, 18 Feb 2000), I posted a message to this list,
suggesting some cleanups and pointing out the tips that are obviously
obsolete.  Earlier on the same day, there was a message by Ar't (Artur
Polaczynski) saying that he was opening a page to collect new tips.
Well, unfortunately the page has been empty since then.  Does this
mean that nobody cares and that I can simply go on and modify the file
as I want?  ;-)

I hope that some people on this list have some ideas about tips that
could be added to that file (and replace the old ones).  It would be
very nice if some of you could spend a few minutes and send their
top 5 (or top 10) tips for the future gimp-1.2.  They don't even have
to be nicely formatted: I'm just interested in collecting new ideas
so that I can organize them later and put them in gimp_tips.txt.
Please send your tips to me or to the list.  Thanks in advance.


P.S.: I would also be interested in some replies to my previous
      message about the pixmap brushes.  Any information that could
      help me to fix the bugs in the current code would be welcom.

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