Since I upgraded from RedHat 6.1 to 6.2 the gdyntext plugin doesn't
want to work more (the not dyn text works perfect). The text is not
rendered nor it's height is missinterpreted. I have upgraded from
1.1.15 to .18 and .19 and still doesn't work.

  Ok. So, where is the error? Using the "old" gtk+ libraries and the
"old" xfs server, or upgrading the gtk-perl module, doesnt help.

  I have been taking a look to the sources. Defining the debug mode on
the gdyntext plug-in it seems it yet gets the wrong size (using ttf
arial 50-points, it returns a box of 15x6).

  Any ideas, suggestions?

  Greetings from Spain,

Víctor R. Ruiz

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