On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, "William L. Sebok" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Marc Lehmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> says:
> > The problem is that gettext itself does the detection (and so the only
> > solutioon would be to rpelace the gettext.m4 macros by our own versions).
> > I only get the results.
> You mean the gnu version of gettext itself does the detection of
> msgmerge. The problem is that the gnu version of gettext (and
> msgfmt) is not the only such version.  In particular, there is a
> Solaris gettext and msgfmt but no msgmerge.

Hmmm...  What he meant is slightly different, but close...

When running the "configure" script, it runs some tests to detect what
is on your system.  Some of these tests are derived from the contents
of the file aclocal.m4 that you can find in the top-level directory of
the Gimp sources.  The file aclocal.m4 is assembled (when the package
is rebuilt) from a collection of *.m4 files provided by various
packages.  One of them is gettext.m4, which contains the tests for
checking if gettext is present on your system.

The problem is that the tests are verifying if your system has a
working version of "msgfmt", "xgettext" and some other tools, but it
does not check for the presence of "msgmerge".  So it is wrong to
assume that "msgmerge" is present if the tests for gettext are
successful.  Some Linux distributions as well as all versions of
Solaris come with "msgfmt" but not with "msgmerge".  I think that the
only solution is to add a new test with AC_PATH_PROG or something
similar in configure.in.


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