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> > Unfortunately, many systems have msgfmt but do not have msgmerge.
> > This is the default under Solaris (at least for Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6 and
> > Solaris 7) and under SuSE Linux (unless you install the dev rpm that 
> > contains msgmerge).
>  I'll check this; if it's true it's definitely a bug. If the gettext
>  tools are installed so is msgmerge or better: has to.... :)

Yes, I got the impression from all what I was told:

a) msgmerge is not checked for by gettext itself
b) binary .mo files are being distributed with the gimp

Since I was no gettext expert, I just ate it. But now we know better: a)
is wrong, since msgmerge is a gno-only thing and b) is bad, since mo files
definitely are not portable.

>  It's a part of the gettext tools. On Linux you either get both or none.

As some people already have said, this is wrong. The same seems to be
true for msgunfmt, which means that the original idea of just "msgunfmt |
change | msgfmt" to install plug-ins is not possible.

I think it would not be the worst thing if we had somebody with working
knowledge of i18n. As it seems, we do not not have such a person :(

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