On  8 Apr, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> Yes, I got the impression from all what I was told:
> a) msgmerge is not checked for by gettext itself
> b) binary .mo files are being distributed with the gimp
> Since I was no gettext expert, I just ate it. But now we know better:
> a) is wrong, since msgmerge is a gno-only thing and b) is bad, since
> mo files definitely are not portable.

 Not distributing the .mo files with the GIMP would mean that every
 one who wants to compile it her/himself has to have a working
 set of gettext tools. Would be no problem for me, BTW...
>>  It's a part of the gettext tools. On Linux you either get both or
>>  none.
> As some people already have said, this is wrong.

 I'm afraid I didn't get your point here; If you have the GNU gettext
 tools installed you'll have all of them, if not you'll have none.
 There is no inbetween.
 Please note that I spoke of Linux not of any OS in the world. 
 Do the GNU gettext utils work for let's say Solaris, too?
 If yes, why not rely on them, if we do so on Linux, too?
> I think it would not be the worst thing if we had somebody with
> working knowledge of i18n. As it seems, we do not not have such a
> person :(

 You are so nice to me... :)



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