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> > a) is wrong, since msgmerge is a gno-only thing and b) is bad, since
> > mo files definitely are not portable.
>  Not distributing the .mo files with the GIMP would mean that every
>  one who wants to compile it her/himself has to have a working
>  set of gettext tools.

Distributing the .mo files means you need gnu gettext on your system
anyway, so I do not really see the point. Just checked, our irix has
msgfmt and it's mo files are not compatible with the gnu version.

(although it seems they have derived their msgfmt from the gnu gettext
sources.. buuh)

> >>  It's a part of the gettext tools. On Linux you either get both or
> >>  none.
> > As some people already have said, this is wrong.
>  Please note that I spoke of Linux not of any OS in the world. 

Me, too: linux configurations that only have msgfmt (and lack msgmerge and
msgunfmt) _are_ quite common, at least according to the reports we got.

> > I think it would not be the worst thing if we had somebody with
> > working knowledge of i18n. As it seems, we do not not have such a
> > person :(
>  You are so nice to me... :)

I mean it. I was told soo many wrong things from you (and others!) about
gettext that I wished there was somebody who knows gimp _and_ gettext,
which is not the case.

No offence intended, it's just that I had to learn that the hard way :(

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