On  9 Apr, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Distributing the .mo files means you need gnu gettext on your system
> anyway, so I do not really see the point.

 You have to have gettext, indeed, but you don't have to have the tools!
 That's a big difference. gettext itself is a part of glibc2 and if
 you compile GIMP for libc5 it'll be autotically linked into the
 binaries, so if you don't want to compile GIMP you don't need gettext.

>>  Please note that I spoke of Linux not of any OS in the world. 

> Me, too: linux configurations that only have msgfmt (and lack msgmerge
> and msgunfmt) _are_ quite common, at least according to the reports we
> got.

 Just curious: which one? It's very hard to believe, sort of

>>  You are so nice to me... :)
> I mean it. I was told soo many wrong things from you (and others!)
> about gettext that I wished there was somebody who knows gimp _and_
> gettext, which is not the case.

 Sorry if I told you something that ain't right. Would you please tell
 me WHAT of the information I gave you has been wrong to give me a change
 to correct my mind (maybe even other sosurces)?



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