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> > Distributing the .mo files means you need gnu gettext on your system
> > anyway, so I do not really see the point.
>  You have to have gettext, indeed, but you don't have to have the tools!
>  That's a big difference. gettext itself is a part of glibc2 and if

Maybe you are not aware that glibc2 is installed only on a minority of
operating systems.

>  you compile GIMP for libc5 it'll be autotically linked into the
>  binaries, so if you don't want to compile GIMP you don't need gettext.

That means that we won't be able to use the native gettext implementation,
but always build our own libintl.

There is just one problem with this approach: gimp does not yte know
that this is the case, i.e. it will try to use the native gettex

>  Just curious: which one? It's very hard to believe, sort of
>  braindamage...

Do you read gimp-developers?

>  Sorry if I told you something that ain't right. Would you please tell
>  me WHAT of the information I gave you has been wrong to give me a change
>  to correct my mind (maybe even other sosurces)?

Do you read your mail?

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