On 10 Apr, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Maybe you are not aware that glibc2 is installed only on a minority of
> operating systems.

 Where's the point? gettext is also available outside of glibc2.
> That means that we won't be able to use the native gettext
> implementation, but always build our own libintl.

 On these systems: yes. Or you forget about internationalisation

> There is just one problem with this approach: gimp does not yte know
> that this is the case, i.e. it will try to use the native gettex
> implementation.

 Hm, I know you really LIKE auto*, what about extending the configure
 script? :)

>>  Just curious: which one? It's very hard to believe, sort of
>>  braindamage...
> Do you read gimp-developers?

 How could I? I'd never ever do this.... come on Marc, please get
 serious again. 
 Really, I'll traverse through all the mails concerning this topic again
 to find some information I may have missed, but there shouldn't be very
 much to find. What reports sometimes are really lacking are DETAILS.

>>  Sorry if I told you something that ain't right. Would you please
>>  tell me WHAT of the information I gave you has been wrong to give me
>>  a change to correct my mind (maybe even other sosurces)?
> Do you read your mail?

 Of course do I read this mail. I should put this sentence on a shortcut
 for easy answering of your mails. Questions asked by me are serious as long
 as they are not wrapped by smileys.

 No more to say here.... :(



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