Uwe Koloska tecleó:
> since 1.1.17 (maybe before and maybe the gimp version is unrelated to the
> problem) the gdyntext-plugin produces no result.  Oh it produces a new
> but just too small layer with the necessary parasites -- but the text isn't
> visible.
> My system:
>   linux-2.2.1[14]
>   xfree86-3.3.5
>   glibc-2.1.2
>   gcc-2.95.[12]
>   xfsft-1.1.6 only for ttf -- x-fonts and typ1 through the X-Server
>   gtk+-1.2.7

 I posted a similar bug some days ago. A friend of mine have installed
the RedHat 6.2 from scratch and compiled gimp 1.1.19 and the gdyntext
doesnt work :(

  I have also took look at the sources and seems to work fine... maybe
the Xfree? I dont know. It worked fine with RH 6.1 and 1.1.15 :(


Víctor R. Ruiz

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