Hello I wrote to 
GNU ( [EMAIL PROTECTED]) about the following, and they told me to contact you.
I understand that its hard to use GIF pictures so I suggested this

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I would like to mention that there is another format that your organization
might want to take an interest in. It is called ILBM , InterLeaved Bit Map,
its a format created by Electronic Arts, when then they produced a program 
for the Commodore Amiga called Delexe Paint. The program uses a 
compression format, and electronic arts does not require a licence on to
use their format, AFAIK of this day (becuase they borrowed the algorithm 
from a function of a Apple computer program). In my manual of Deluxe Paint
IV, the authors give all the information to decompress and understand how 
ILBM is constructed. Many Amiga programmers have used it to develop 
games and many other things. Its format can be read on X Tree Gold
for DOS and on a old version Adobe Photoshop v2.5.1. And I am 
in the process of devoping a program than will read the file formats (
once I deal with the memory management problems ). I should mention 
the downside, that pictures that I have ported over are 5 bit (32 colors) 
converted over to GIF, thats the capacity of  ILBMs - becuase of the nature

of the Amiga computer in its low resolution state. 

Becuase I cant use GIF in my own programs becuase of the Unisys licence 
problem. I have to develop a program that reads ILBM the format. Its
been an undertaking project - so far. I plan to release my libraries as 
public domain. Would your organization be interested in looking at the
I there is a easy way to change it so that instead ILBM being limited to 32
it could be applied to 256 colors. I have some documentation that I could
you with that was written by Jerry Morrison of EA that describes how it

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Please tell me what you think...

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Please let me know what you think.


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