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> Let my try to bring a bit of sanity in this discussion...  ;-)
> Here is what I understand from the messages posted here:

> - In the perl directory, some .po files have to be rebuilt using msgmerge.

No longer. Perl does not do this by default anymore (just as before).

This seems to me the best solution.

The other problems are minor (e.g. distributing .mo files). It would be
possible to distribute the .gmo files in the distribution, I only need to
check them in.

The interesting thing is: While I was told that the .gmo files should be
in cvs, I don't see any other .gmo files in the CVS.

So _I_ am utterly confused about the supposed way to do i18n in Gimp (as
opposed to doing i18n in other gnu projects), since the cvs tree actively
clashes with what I get told by Sven, Daniel and others.

In the past, doing my own thing was not good. Listening to the experts,
however, proved to be even worse.

=> So I am now following what Raphasel says ;)

> - In gimp-1.1.19, the .po files mentioned above must be rebuilt every time
>   because they depend on gimp-perl.pot which depends on a "force" target


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