Garry R. Osgood ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> (2) I trust the user in choosing between information
> content and compression, so long I walk the mile in telling her
> that this is a choice to be considered. Then she can write/invoke the
> macro or deliberately set R = G = B = A = 0  in all regions deemed
> transparent before writing out to file.

IMHO we should not remove any "unnecessary" information until the
user explicitely chooses it. It is a great feature if the unerase
works on an PNG...

> (3) If someone wants to write something in Gimp core or the png
> plug-in to automagically clean up after the user, it's presence should
> be made known and its activation optional.

It is fairly trivial to write a plugin to remove the unnecessary
color-information. Either steal code from the semiflatten plugin
or extend the semiflatten plugin to export a second PDB-function
to remove the UCI. If nobody else works on this currently I can do
this this weekend or so.


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