Sven Neumann wrote:
> > I'm using the GIMP (1.1.17; debian unstable) to create some mockups for
> > our prepress guys.  They want to use some of the things I've done, but I
> > don't want to give them a non-flexible image.  I realize that I can do
> > this already, but I thought it would be a nice feature (that seems like
> > it would be easy to implement) if you could right-click on a layer in
> > the layers&channels dialog and export it to a file.
> You can already do this. Simply save your image and "Ignore" the export step.
> All fileformats that only handle a single layer silently only save that
> single layer.

Yes, that is what I realized, and it would work for me.  However, I
think it's an artificial limitation and has two drawbacks:  First, it is
non-obvious, if not outright confusing; Second, formats that _do_
support layers (most notably Photoshop) will defeat this.

Dragging the layer to the toolbox works very well.  I highly recommend
making this a tip if it is not already.  It just seemed most intuitive
to me to have an export option available at the l&c menus.  This is
where I first looked and thus I would think that's the best place to put
it.  =)

It also seemed easy enough.  If you folks think not to do because of the
drag-n-drop feature, that's fine, but it should definately be a tip.


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