On 12 April, 2000 - Pierre Rochefort sent me these 0.5K bytes:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to pull the sources from the CVS repository and I'm constantly 
> getting error messages. Is there a problem with the CVS repository? The 
> errors I'm getting are:
> "no space left on device" (probably remote one since I have 2.6G free),
> "anonymous: no such user cvs [checkout aborted]: authorization failed: 
> server anoncvs.gimp.org rejected access"
> "cvs [checkout aborted]: recv() from server anoncvs.gimp.org: Connection 
> reset by peer"

It's disk full on the anoncvs server (a dns round robin consisting of 3
machines right now).. I just checked mine ( and it
_might_ have been the one.. not certain though..

If you get that message again, check with 'netstat' which machine you
were contacting so we can get it fixed..

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