> Some other, nice (imo), proposed changes to gimprc:
>(undo-levels 15)
>note that the undo-levels is set much lower than what I have it, but 5
>just seems... well.. quite small.)

I think 5 is too small and 15 too high. How about 10?

Regarding what Sven said about this taking too much memory, i think that there
are _a lot_ more users using the Gimp for small images (like web things etc.),
and so perhaps Gimp should be tailored to them to start with. Just IMHO :o)

Also, as far as i can see (about 2.5 metres), the Gimp can't save multiple
"sessions". what i mean is that you could save different layouts of the
various windows for different working environments - like different ones for
low colour web logo style images, and another for full colour "art" style
images. If you don't understand, this is like the multiple environments in
Delphi 5 and (i think) Fireworks 3 (and maybe 1 and 2).

Naturally something for 1.3 if anyone thinks its a good idea :o)


- Piers

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