I wrote on Mon, 10 Apr 2000:
>since 1.1.17 (maybe before and maybe the gimp version is unrelated to the
>problem) the gdyntext-plugin produces no result.  Oh it produces a new
>but just too small layer with the necessary parasites -- but the text isn't
>I have tested:
>o gimp-1.0.4 with gdyntext-1.4.1 that goes well in the past so this looks
>  like some changes in the environment
>o gimp-1.1.1[789] with the packaged gdyntext and the actual gdyntext 1.4.4
>  dircet from the authors website
>o disable the ttf-fontserver (xfsft-1.1.6)
>    xset -fp tcp/localhost:7100
>    xset fp rehash
>o running gdyntext with "-DDEBUG" enabled gives
>    GDT: space width = 2
>    GDT:   34x   5 A:  4 D:  1 [Hallo Welt!]
>    GDT: MH:5 LH:4
>My system:
>  linux-2.2.1[14]
>  xfree86-3.3.5
>  glibc-2.1.2
>  gcc-2.95.[12]
>  xfsft-1.1.6 only for ttf -- x-fonts and typ1 through the X-Server
>  gtk+-1.2.7
>The (script-fu gimp_text_get_extends ...) given on the console shows a
>resonable behaviour.

Where are you experts???  We are two at minimum discovering this behaviour
and if it's a misconfiguration it has to be described somewhere.

Because there was a suggestion that xfree86-3.3.5 can be the reason, I
upgraded to 3.3.6 but nothing changes.  The new text layer is a small
rectangle in the upper left corner ...

For testing I have also removed my ~/.gimp-1.1 (nice startup wizard!) but
no effect ...

Uwe Koloska

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