>>   I know nothing about art and colors and all that, but I'd like to hack out
>>   a plug-in to allow people to make nice-looking color combinations in logos
>>   and etc.
>>   I make a lot of logos and whatnot, and can never figure out what colors go
>>   with what. (I'm dumb like that.)

This sounds like a *great* idea.  I feel like I'm often wrestling with
this problem.

>>   So I was wondering if anyone knows a mathematical formula for determining
>>   such things, or a source of information like that? I've looked at a bunch
>>   of art sites, and they all have color wheels and whatnot, but, well, I
>>   just don't really grok what they're trying to tell me, and I'm sure there
>>   are other, equally clueless people out there who would much rather just
>>   see a three-panel swatch (like the kind you can get from home supply
>>   stores, one big square of color and two color squares that 'match') than
>>   try to tweak things out.

When I was in graduate school I lived with a couple of guys studying
landscape architecture.  They were always referring to books on color
matching for their drawings and plans.  A quick search on a well
known, but much reviled, online book store turned up this small sample
of potentials resources:

  Choosing a Color Scheme : How to Handle Samples and Use Color
  Successfully in Your Home
  by Kimberly Kerrigone

  The Designer's Guide to Color Combinations : 500+ Historic and Modern
  Color Formulas in Cmyk
  by Leslie Cabarga 

  Color Harmony Workbook : A Workbook and Guide to Creative Color
  by Lesa Sawahata 

  Color Harmony 2 : A Guide to Creative Color Combinations 
  by Bride M. Whelan 

I hope this helps,

Carey Bunks

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