> jade errors when running 'make html':
> gimpmatrix.sgml:
>   these lines get errors for having [ characters in their attributes:
> 17: typedef     <link linkend="GimpMatrix3[3][3]">GimpMatrix3[3][3]</link>;
> 18: typedef     <link linkend="GimpMatrix4[4][4]">GimpMatrix4[4][4]</link>;
> 72: <title><anchor id="GimpMatrix3[3][3]">GimpMatrix3[3][3]</title>
> 79: <title><anchor id="GimpMatrix4[4][4]">GimpMatrix4[4][4]</title>
> parasite[PF].sgml:
> IDs need to be unique, but
> pasariteP.sgml:35: <title><anchor id="Parasite">struct Parasite</title>
> parasiteF.sgml:35: <title><anchor id="Parasite">struct Parasite</title>
> overall it seems to build okay, though.  So I guess these errors aren't
> fatal.

No, they are not and we are of course aware of them. It would be helpful 
if someone could suggest a solution. We accept patches too.

Salut, Sven

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