Andrew wrote:
> What is gtk_xmhtml_new as compaired to gtkxmhtml ??? I'm confused.
> I'm tring to compile gimp1.1.17 or 19 and I get this error, could you take a
> little time to maybe explain what I need to do too get 'help'
> pulldowns under gimp to operate? I'm not running the gnome desktop,
> I'm using the Solaris CDE. SunOS5.6 the calls for netscape work but the
> others don't??
> I have built these with not much trouble GTK1.2.7 but gtk did not come
> with I found gtkxmhtml-0.99.8?? and I compiled it just fine.
> But I'm still having trouble with gimp configure. What libgtkxmhtml version
> do I need?

The gtkxmhtml version you have should be ok. The problem is gimp's configure
test not correctly detecting gtkxmhtml when it is installed as a standalone
lib (without gnome libs).

This has been addressed and the CVS version of gimp detects it correctly.

However, getting gimp compiled from CVS on Solaris is a bit hairy because
you need to have lots of GNU build tools installed, so you may want to wait
for the next release (1.1.20).


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