Does anyone have any interest in a GimpWiki? It seems like a good model
for a collaborative documentation site. I think a project like is
to large for one volunteer.

Check out the following examples of Wiki's in support of development

Tcl'ers Wiki:
Squeak Wiki:
What's a Wiki?


On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Adrian Likins wrote:

>       okay, as you have probabaly noticed. is old
> and and outdated. That is pretty much completely my fault. 
>       I really dont have the time or the motivation to work
> on web site stuff anymore, or at least not to the level that
> something like gimp should have as its web site. 
>       So, if there is anyone interested in taking over the
> web site, revamping the content, maintaining the info, etc,etc,
> please email [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>       The current machine is probabaly underpowered for doing
> much php/mod_perl/ssi/database/etc, etc based stuff, but it's
> theorectially moving to a faster machine that might be able to
> handle it. 
> Adrian


    S h a w n  W a l l a c e
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